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Eric Lonsinger

Welcome Eric!

It is our great pleasure to welcome Eric Lonsinger to the Ford Insurance team.

Eric joins us as a Producer focused on leading our commercial practice.

Prior to joining Ford, Eric spent nearly 20 years working in Enterprise Software with his most recent position as a sales leader at Cisco Systems. Through his tenure he has worked for multiple tech startups and public organizations focused on enterprise customers in the financial and insurance industries.

Eric brings his deep technical knowledge and familiarity with Insurance technology and processes to Ford and is looking forward to providing our clients the benefit of his unique blend of skills.

Eric holds a Bachelors of Science in Business from the University of New Hampshire concentrating in Information Systems and minoring in Computer Science.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Eric Lonsinger!

Learn more about why Eric joined Ford Insurance

Many of my colleagues were genuinely shocked when I announced I was leaving my position as a sales leader at Cisco Systems to work at an insurance agency. In fact, more than a few people thought I was pulling their leg, something I had gained a reputation for over the years.

I ended up at Cisco through the acquisition of AppDynamics, a software company providing full stack observability solutions and until that point had spent my entire career working in tech.

To be honest, it was a tough decision. Leave a senior position in a growing line of business of a large tech company (which was voted the #1 place to work) to start a new career and in a new discipline. Recently married and welcoming my first child only made the nights longer when thinking through my options.

Fast forward to today – the ultimate decision is obvious, but the “why” is maybe less so.

In the tech world you hear a lot about disruption, and as a consumer we see it everyday. The way we talk with loved ones, buy groceries, and hail a cab among other things is vastly different than it was just a few short years ago. The insurance industry has traditionally been slower to adopt technology trends when compared to most industries but it’s starting to get better. Financial investments are being made by established players and newcomers and we are beginning to see some of the fruits of that effort.

Throughout my career I’ve seen the insurance industry from multiple perspectives – as a consumer, behind the curtain working with the technology teams of major insurers, and through my family’s insurance agency. I kept coming back to one thought – there is so much opportunity to improve the system and provide value to the customer. That single thought is what would ultimately drive me to leave my comfy position in tech and roll up my sleeves to work the problem.

I bring a client first perspective to everything I do – and I truly believe that making the right investments in our people, process and technology will change the way our clients think about insurance and provide value well beyond “just a policy”.

If you’re currently a client of Ford Insurance, I thank you and look forward to our continued relationship. If you’re new to us, then welcome and I appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Either way, my commitment to you is to provide exceptional service, honest advice and continuous innovation & improvement.

-Eric Lonsinger