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What is Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation provides benefits to your employees and protection to your business if they get injured on the job or become ill from their job. If you have employees, Workers Comp is required by law in just about every state, though the details may vary. Businesses that operate in multiple states will want to pay special attention to the way each state handles workers comp law, in some cases multiple policies may be required.

What's Covered?

Medical Care & Treatment

Provides for medical care and treatment required resulting from an on the job injury or illness. When an employee agrees to workers comp coverage they also waive the right to sue you as the employer.

Lost Wages

Replace most of an employees lost wages when they need to take time off of work to recover from a covered injury or illness.

Disability Benefits

Provide disability benefits for injuries sustained while on the job.

Death Benefits

Most policies will provide death benefits to an employee’s family

Keep in Mind

Worker Comp laws vary by state. If you have employees in multiple states, or perform work in more than one state there may be special considerations to account for.

Not every injury is covered – for example, non job related injuries do not quality for workers comp coverage nor do accidents that result from the use of alcohol or illegal drugs.

There is a lot of fine print with Workers Compensation insurance and again, it will vary by state and occupation.  In most cases you as a business owner will be able to exclude yourself from coverage and if you don’t have employees you won’t be required to obtain a policy (again this may vary by state so talk to your agent).

Since workers comp is required by law in most states there are guaranteed options to obtain coverage for businesses that have high risk activities or prior losses. Feel free to contact us to learn about your options.