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Trucking Insurance

Delivering customer cargo or  hauling your own goods to running landscaping material and transporting people – truckers make the lives we live possible. The simple fact is that due to the huge variety of goods and services that are being transported there are many considerations to take into account when insuring your operation. Whether you are an owner operator hauling non owned trailers and cargo or managing a fleet of long haul delivery vehicles we have the options and flexibility to tailor your trucking insurance to your needs.

Key Coverages for Truckers & Transportation

Motor Truck Liability
General Liability & Motor Truck Liability

Motor Truck General Liability is a General Liability policy tailored for those in the trucking business and is designed to cover liabilities not directly related to operating your truck(s). For example, if you are delivering raw material to a processing facility and accidently unload it into the wrong receiver causing damage to the processing equipment.

Commercial Truck Insurance
Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial truck policies are flexible and may provide a number of coverage options such as help paying for damage and injuries resulting from and accident you cause, to the damage to your truck from collision or other causes.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
Motor Truck Cargo

Cargo insurance provides liability coverage for the cargo being hauled in the event it is lost or damaged. This coverage also helps cover the cost to cleanup cargo that is spilled or dumped onto a road or waterway accidentally.

Trailer Interchange Insurance
Trailer Interchange

Provides coverage for non-owned trailers being pulled under a trailer interchange agreement. This provides physical damage coverage for the trailer in the event of a collision, fire, theft or vandalism.