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Child Care Insurance

As a child care professional your top priority is keeping the children in your care safe, however accidents happen. Trust us we know, all of us here have our own and even lease part of our building to a daycare. If a child becomes sick or injured while in your care a properly structured insurance program will help cover their medical expenses including hospital trips, doctors appointments and required treatments.

It is important to work with an agent to determine the right level of coverage for your daycare or preschool.

Key Coverages for Child Care Providers

General Liability
General Liability

Often referred to as business liability, general liability protects businesses from general claims that arise out of normal day to day operations. Coverage is considered 3rd party, meaning it protects against injuries and property damage to others.

Accident Medical

Often an optional coverage – accident medical coverage will help pay for medical costs if an enrolled child is injured or becomes sick while in your care.

Abuse and molestation

While tough to think about instances of abuse and molestation do happen and are often high profile and potentially devastating events. This crucial coverage offers protection by covering defense costs and monetary judgements against your business.

Business Property
Business Property

Business Property also referred to as Commercial Property Insurance and Business Personal Property Insurance, as the name implies, covers the physical location, equipment and contents your business owns.

Workers Compensation
Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation provides benefits to your employees if they get injured on the job or become ill from their job. If you have employees, Workers Comp is required by law in just about every state, though the details may vary.

Professional Liability

If your facility teaches children, such as a preschool, a professional liability policy can help protect you and your teachers from lawsuits, defense costs and judgements allowing teachers to focus on the curriculum.