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Insurance for Churches and Pastors

Your mission matters and our goal is to help you achieve success. The work you do serves a higher purpose and we share your commitment to your community. Houses of Worship face unique risks and benefit from specialized coverages designed to protect your people, property and organization. At Ford Insurance we’re proud to provide insurance for houses of worship and ready to help anytime.

House of worship BOP

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Insurance Coverages for Churches

House of worship BOP
Business Owner's Policy (BOP) for Houses of Worship

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) combines common business coverages (General Liability and Property Insurance) into one convenient policy. It’s a great fit for many Churches and Houses of Worship and provides the flexibility to add additional coverages based on your needs.

House of worship professional liability
Professional Liability

Offering advice is a natural result from your daily activities, as leaders you are often sought out for your perspective and wisdom. An unfortunate side effect of this is that it exposes your leadership and organization to lawsuits if that advice is perceived to have provided a negative outcome. Professional Liability provides protection for possible damages that result but more importantly it also provides coverage for the legal defense of these claims, even when they are false and unwarranted.

Commercial Package (Property & Liability)

Depending your your size and situation a BOP may not be the right fit, instead a package consisting of General Liability and Business Property may be the way to go providing greater flexibility in how coverage is designed.

Hacker at their desk

Many congregations have recently added virtual services to their operations – this has been a tremendous lifeline for many during the last few years, but with the added reliance on technology comes the added risk of cyber crime. Cyber liability may be added to existing policies are obtained on it’s own depending on the extent of coverage desired.

And more

There are many other coverage options depending on the need of your House of Worship, for example if you own and operate vehicles, have employees, or are concerned about crime there are specialized coverages to address those needs. A quick conversation with one of our agents will help you determine which protections are right for your organization.